Incident response services

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emergency incident response services

When you suffer a security incident, every second counts.

When you’re under attack, the duration and severity of an incident can make all the difference between minor consequences and catastrophic events with far-reaching financial and reputational impacts.

Having cyber security experts by your side during an incident will help you limit the damage by quickly identifying and responding appropriately to an attack.

Comprehensive incident response methodology


We gain a clear understanding of the scope and nature of the breach.


We pinpoint the attacks and prioritize containment efforts to isolate impacted systems.


Our incident response team works with your team to terminate processes, delete files, or execute background operations to remediate the threat.


We conduct verification testing to validate that vulnerabilities have been remediated and corrective measures implemented effectively.


We provide support with comprehensive reporting that answers tough executive and auditor questions on what occurred, the business impact, and how it has been addressed, remediated and validated to avoid a similar occurrence in the future.

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Why choose Virtuelle?

Why choose Virtuelle?


Stop a breach in its tracks


Understand what happened


Know your obligations

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Gather forensic evidence where required


Leverage our extensive cybersecurity expertise


Answer executive questions confidently after a breach

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