Comprehensive cybersecurity services + remediation

Providing IT and Business Leaders with peace of mind through effective risk detection and mitigation.

Cyber Security Australian Team

We are mid-market specialists in cybersecurity

Our goal is to empower IT leaders to proactively minimize risk in a tangible and quantifiable way. Organizations are generally faced with two options when it comes to cyber security:

  • A reactive one-size-fits-all solution from generalist IT providers.
  • A complex solution designed for well-funded organizations, championed by niche cybersecurity firms.

Virtuelle Security bridges this gap and caters to the unique requirements of CIOs. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges, capabilities, and constraints that IT leaders face in mid-sized organizations.

With decades of IT expereince as part of Virtuelle Group, we have a unique ability to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities effectively. You can learn more about the launch of Virtuelle Security by following this link>

Cyber Security Remediation Service

We are bridging the remediation gap

75% of exploited vulnerabilities in 2022 were known, but never remediated.

Cybersecurity providers often identify threats and provide complex reports to IT departments who don’t have the time or skills to act. Without remediation, an organization is left dangerously exposed.

Virtuelle Security introduces a new paradigm. We don’t just identify a threat – we provide support and remediate gaps so you always have confidence that your business is protected.

Cyber Security Remediation Service
Cyber Security for CIOs

We empower CIOs to secure their IT investments

We do this by enabling organizations to:

Plan and execute cybersecurity strategies
Manage risk and cyber threats proactively
Respond to incidents when every second counts
Recover with full remediation support

A winning company and a winning team

Our vision is to help organizations across Asia Pacific and US regions to grow and succeed. To realize this vision, we:

  • Employ great talent
  • Are enthusiastic adopters of emerging technologies
  • Seek to simplify complex cybersecurity issues for our customers
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Strive to provide outstanding service for every client
Winning Cyber Security Team

Meet the team

Setting the tone and standard for customer service excellence.

Our values underpin our promise to you

Our values underpin our promise to you


Say it as it is

We are direct and to the point. We speak the truth and do what is right and fair.


Challenge the status quo

We believe there’s always a solution to a problem and a better way to do things.


Deliver what we say we will

We own it and see it through to the end. We never compromise on quality.


One great team

We recognize we all have different capabilities and work together for the best result.


Go over and beyond

We do whatever it takes to deliver the outcome.

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