Cyber security awareness training

Cyber resilience starts with awareness. Establish an organization-wide understanding of phishing and ransomware to stem primary causes of cyber attacks


Does your organization face these challenges?

Employees believe security is an IT responsibility and what they do doesn’t matter. This leads to “click-happy” staff who expose your organization to an array of threats which can result in financial and reputational loss.

Executives are confronted by the complexity of the legislative environment. Boards and directors don’t understand their roles and responsibilities under local and international mandates – leading to unintended complacency.

Build a resilient internal cyber security culture with security awareness training from Virtuelle.

Even with robust security controls in place, attackers can still infiltrate your network through phishing attacks and human error. According to Mimecast, human error is involved in 90% or more of all security breaches.

Our cyber security awareness training solutions will drive lasting behavioral change and turn your employees into your first line of defense.

Organizational benchmarking

Understand and benchmark your employees security awareness. Regularly track improvements with simulated phishing and social engineering campaigns.

Computer-based training (CBT) and active reinforcement

Maintain knowledge, build a security-conscious culture, and continually reduce risk. Delivered via engaging micro-learning that only takes a short time per month to produce a lasting effect.

cyber security awareness training

In-person training

Establish strong foundations with quick up-to-speed security awareness training for employees. Ideal for small groups of up to 25 people.

Executive cyber briefings

Understanding cybersecurity risk is a key part of leading a growing organization.
Directors and board members have responsibilities, but it can be difficult to know which ones apply and where their obligations start and end.

We have developed a range of flexible cybersecurity presentations designed to give C-Suite executives and the board actionable recommendations on their role in addressing risk relevant to their business.

Explore Topics covered in our training

Phishing How to identify a phishing attempt (email, SMS, USB drop) and the actions you need to take. Includes ransomware awareness.
Password management Password security to help mitigate the threat of stolen credentials.
Business email compromise Build awareness on how these scams work and learn how to spot a malicious email.
Privacy Safeguard privacy, personal information and all your assets that matter.
Ransomware We educate your employees to understand and assess ransomware risks.
PCI compliance Achieve security awareness training required by PCI DSS and beyond.
Data security Promote data security best practices, enable data loss prevention and explain to employees why it is important.
Office hygiene Includes who you allow in, storing sensitive documents and locking screens.
Customized training We can include additional topics based on your organizational goals including policies, safe remote working, using public WiFi, social media, device security and more.

Why cybersecurity awareness training from Virtuelle?

Why cybersecurity awareness training from Virtuelle?


Build employee security awareness


Mitigate ransomware and phishing threats


Satisfy compliance requirements


Reduce business risk


Drive cultural change with engaging training


Track improvement

Start building cyber resilience today